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Love Like JJ

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” - Mother Teresa

Life is a journey. It’s definitely not easy. I know there are times in our lives when it becomes difficult to feel the love in this world.

However, as difficult and overwhelming as life may seem, God is always shining down on us and sending us reminders to focus on His great love in this world.

It’s organizations like the Love Like JJ Foundation that truly inspires me to do my very best to spread love.

This is JJ’s Story…

Jonathan Day “JJ” passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on January 9, 2021. In such a short time, JJ managed to spread more love than many people can in a lifetime. Those who knew JJ, knew he LOVED. His LOVE was BIG, his LOVE was powerful, and his LOVE was overwhelming. And each day, JJ extended that LOVE and his precious smiles to each person he encountered.

Whether at home, school, on the soccer field, or mastering Taekwondo, JJ managed to touch so many people with his caring heart. JJ was a hilarious comedian, incredibly smart beyond his years, but most of all a great friend.

JJ saw the world differently than most. To him, his life was a blank canvas, which he was obligated to fill. A canvas that he strove to fill with laughter and love each day. But not only could you see JJ’s canvas, JJ made sure you felt it. JJ wrapped his friends, family and even strangers with his canvas and ensured each person he met, felt his love.

JJ is truly a God’s angel shining down on us to spread love everywhere we go, letting no one ever come to us without leaving happier. 💙

Thank you JJ for inspiring us to spread a little extra love during this Halloween season with our Boo boxes. We are honored and privileged to collaborate with the Love Like JJ Foundation.

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