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Operation Donation

Joy is Prayer.

Joy is Strength.

Joy is Love.

Joy is a Net of Love by which You can Catch Souls.

You Give the Most when You Give Joy.

God Loves a Cheerful Giver.

Never Let Anything so Fill You with Sorrow as to make You Forget the Joy of Christ Risen.

- Mother Teresa

Operation Donation is Joy.

Operation Donation is Strength.

Operation Donation is Love.

Operation Donation are Cheerful Givers.

Operation Donation is a Net of Love by which They Catch Souls.

Operation Donation Reminds Us to…

Never let Anything so Fill us with Sorrow as to make us Forget the Joy of Christ Risen.

So, what is Operation Donation?

Operation Donation is a group of junior high students at St. Susanna’s Catholic School in Mason, OH who embarked on a mission to bring joy to others through service and community projects.

This group of kids started the The OD last year when the world was changing and the unknowns of community, education and participating in activities to serve others was at its peak.

However, these kids prevailed and founded Operation Donation despite what the world was presenting them. Their first project was during Catholic Schools Week last year and it was a huge success!

👇 Check it out! 👇

Operation Donation’s enthusiasm for life and their ambition to serve God and shine His light will truly change the world for good.

I am humbled and honored, when the President of The OD, Henry Harting, approached me this fall to collaborate with Operation Donation and create a Catholic Schools Week box.

After a few brainstorming meetings, The OD kids created the Pray Big! Box to inspire prayer into homes everywhere!

And now, we are in full-out launch mode!

Operation Donation has made posters, marketing videos, and assembled a sales staff to work a table after this weekend’s masses to promote their Pray Big! Box!

The best part is, they have involved the entire school and parish in the project!

Below is a letter written by The OD to explain more about this year’s Catholic School’s Week Pray Big! Box!

Hello! We here at Operation Donation have created a new way to bring prayer into your home!

Operation Donation is a group of students at St. Susanna’s Parish School in Mason, OH whose mission is to bring joy to others through service and community projects.

For our 2022 Catholic Schools Week service project, we partnered with The Celebrate Company and created this Pray Big! box to inspire others to bring prayer and Christ into their homes!

The best way to connect with God is through prayer, and our Pray Big! box does just that! This box contains everyday items & ways to bring prayer into your home.

Not only does our Pray Big! box help you connect with God and your family, but the proceeds go toward a great cause!

Each box includes a $5 donation towards The Cross Catholic Outreach Charity.

And, to make this box extra special each grade at St. Susanna’s created a different item to go into the box!

We hope you enjoy our Pray Big! box and your home is filled with God’s Great Love, His Wonderful Blessings, and Lots of Beautiful Prayers!

God Bless You!

Love Always,

Team Operation Donation

Cheers to Operation Donation! May You Always Spread Joy, Love with Your Whole Hearts, Inspire Prayer and Continue to Shine God’s Light into this World!

God Bless You All!!

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