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Pray Big! God is Good.

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

When I started The Celebrate Company in 2020, I never really imagined what the company would grow into. In fact, it was inspired by an entrepreneurial passion of mine to run a business like my Grandma and Grandpa Angel who opened a printing company back in 1947.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would lead me to working with some unbelievable organizations and people.

Like for example: Breathe Love, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, led by the beautiful soul of Samantha (Falcone) Reid who recently passed away this spring. She was a lifelong childhood friend, soccer teammate, incredible mom & human who kicked started The Celebrate Company into building boxes with a purpose and mission.

We then launched our next box in an effort to support the Pink Ribbon Girls organization which was inspired by an amazing mom & friend who puts on an annual PRG event to support women battling breast cancer.

The PRG box then catalyzed our efforts to reach out to the Shine Like Sable organization and collaborate together on a Valentine’s Day box. Shine Like Sable spreads kindness everywhere to emulate and carry on the legacy of the sweet, kind & beautiful soul of Sable Paige Gibson.

Next came our Live Free 4th of July box initiated by my best friend from Catholic grade school to spread awareness and raise funds for military families struggling with Autism and mental illness.

We were then blessed and honored to be approached by an amazing mom who runs the Love Like JJ foundation dedicated to spreading LOVE everywhere in honor of her son JJ who passed away unexpectedly.

Which then led us to Team Operation Donation & our most recent box, the Pray Big! Box. It was created, designed and made by a group of outstanding 7th graders at St. Susanna’s Catholic grade school, known as Team Operation Donation. These incredible kids approached The Celebrate Company in their efforts to spread prayer and raise money for the Catholic Outreach Charity.

I am humbled and honored to say that not only did Team Operation Donation raise $250 for the Catholic Outreach organization but our last delivery today led us to a family whose son is currently representing Ohio in the Special Olympics!

We even got home just in time from the delivery to watch the opening ceremonies and Team Ohio was walking in!

Yes, God certainly puts us where we need to be & sends us some incredible people exactly when we need them most, especially when we Pray Big!

I truly believe that no matter how overwhelming life may become or what challenges or adversities we may face, God will always send His guardian angels to help us through the hard times…

And, of course CELEBRATE the good times! Because there is truly so much to CELEBRATE!!

So, cheers to the good times that bring us so much joy! May we always Pray Big! & CELEBRATE life TOGETHER because God is Good!

God Bless & Happy Celebrate Sunday!!

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