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4th of July & Grandpa GG’s Brats

The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday. To me it’s represents our freedom, the sacrifice others have made for us, and the pride and patriotism I feel for our country...

And, that gives me all the feels on this special day.

The traditions of the 4th of July are deeply rooted within me and I love everything about them.

Growing up, every year my family woke up early and went to the Racine parade. My mom will tell people it’s the biggest parade in the entire country, and I like to believe that statement to be true.

For those who have never attended the Racine parade, I promise it will exceed any 4th of July parade expectations and so much more! The energy of the atmosphere, the apparel of the people, and the excitement of the streets is magnificent.

Each year, the parade consists of floats designed by local businesses, dance troupes, marching bands, scouts, beauty queens, politicians, and my favorite...the drill teams.

Yes, the Racine 4th of July parade is certainly a tradition and celebration that give me joy.

However, this year there will be no parade. But that doesn’t mean all is lost. As much as I absolutely love the Racine parade there is one more 4th of July tradition that means more to me than anything...

My Grandpa GG’s brats.

Grandpa GG starts the brat making process at 6am. He lites the charcoal grill, pours Milwaukee’s Best beer into a tin, adds onions, and Johnsonville brats. This tin simmers for hours over the coals as Grandpa GG creates his brats with all his goodness.

By 10am, it’s time for the first sample brat and Grandpa GG is the king sampler! It’s very important to be sure the brats are tender and juicy before the guests arrive.

At 11am, the open house bbq begins. Brats and beer are plentiful throughout the entire day and late into the evening. All are welcomed to eat, drink, and be merry.

The smells, the feels, the laughter, the fun and the love shared at this bbq is forever ingrained in my heart.

Yes, Grandpa GG’s brats and my grandparent’s 4th of July backyard bbq’s are legendary.

But most importantly they have taught me that no matter what circumstances life may bring...

It’s about being together, celebrating the simple things and making moments matter!

It’s these memories and traditions that not only define us but what matter most.

So, cheers to Grandpa GG’s brats, backyard bbq’s and celebrating life together!

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