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Be Brave. Be Vulnerable. Be You.

2020 has certainly taught me a lot of valuable lessons...

How to survive homeschooling my children, how to spend way too much “quality” time with my husband, and how to live in a society filled with never ending conflict.

Let’s be real, right now the world is not giving us a whole lot of sunshine and rainbows. However, I am grateful 2020 has allowed me to reflect on who I truly am and what fuels my soul.

I will be the first to admit, I am not always the easiest person to get along with; the emotional breakdowns are real...

Yes, I do get angry. Yes, I am sensitive. Yes, I am opinionated. Yes, I speak my voice. Yes, I make mistakes. Yes, I am not perfect. Yes, hurt others.

However, I have learned that I will not apologize for who I am. And, I refuse to change because people don’t like or accept me.

I am honest. I am true. I am real. And, I believe it takes courage, bravery, vulnerability, and total commitment to yourself be who you are truly meant to be.

So, let’s celebrate the brave and the vulnerable! May you always stay true to you! ❤️

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1 Comment

Oct 04, 2020

What a great post to start off this week! And, yet another organic and authentic and true one from you ... as opposed to the nonsensical, curated 'gram posts. You are one of my favs, gurrrrrrl!

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