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Black Lives Matter

If I am going to be very honest, this week’s blog post is definitely out of my comfort zone...

I don’t know exactly what to say, I certainly don’t know how to say it, and I really have no idea how people are going to perceive and react to my words.

But I am choosing to write it anyways, because if I have learned anything, it’s that vulnerable moments lead us into becoming better humans.

So here it goes...

My heart is overwhelmed with sadness and filled with sickness for what happened to George Floyd. I can’t watch the video and I hate seeing the picture of him suffocating to death by a police officer’s knee. My stomach is in knots as I type these words.

I hate everything about what happened. I hate the violence. I hate the suffering. I hate the death. I hate everything.

I am such a sensitive soul and my heart yearns for happily ever afters, fairytales, and magical moments. I even believe in the fantasy that all people are good and bad people can change.

And despite how awful this world appears to be, l will continue to hold on to my beliefs in fantasies and fairytales because in my heart I believe they can exist.

However, happily ever afters cannot come true unless we are willing to voice our truths, speak our minds, and share our beliefs.

And that is why I truly celebrate the black lives matter movement.

It embraces vulnerable conversations, supports open mindedness for change, and encourages everyone to speak up with open hearts so that we all can have a better understanding.

So, here’s to continuing the conversation, sharing our beliefs, and making a change.

This world certainly needs to change and it starts with speaking our truths and making our voices heard!

So, Let’s All Celebrate Black Lives! Black Lives Matter!

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