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Breathe Love

Today’s Celebrate Saturday post is dedicated to the Breathe Love organization.

I know there are many things in life I take for granted...

Often times I get caught up in my own world, the busyness of life, and forget to see my true blessings...

Sometimes I just need to take a breath and reflect on everything I have.

But that’s when it really hit me...what if taking a breath wasn’t so easy? What if it was a real struggle just to breathe?

Today I read a post from Samantha Reid, co-founder of Breathe Love. This post made me realize more than ever that it’s the simple things in life that truly matter just taking a breath!

I grew up playing soccer with Sam and her family is the kindest, nicest, most amazing people you will ever know. Sam and three of her siblings were born with Cystic Fibrosis and sadly lost their youngest brother to this awful disease in 2015.

Here is Sam’s post...

My mind, Blank. I can barely find the words to express how heartbroken I am right now for my baby sister. 💔

She is an incredibly loving wife to a Naval Submarine Officer, who has dedicated his life to protect all of ours. He has to leave my sister, Gabby, for 3-4 months at a time while having little to no communication with her until he returns home.

Yes, She knew this would happen. But selfless people like her and her husband do these things all the time. Things that will benefit others and not themselves. And these people should not be punished for this, but the opposite. They deserve all of the perks and benefits they can be given. And I think Good and proper healthcare coverage should be one of those "perks" or rights if you will. 🇺🇸

However, my sister has been fighting for months trying to get Trikafta, a LIFESAVING medication approved. As you know, this medication changed my life in so many ways. I KNOW I may not be here today without it! But my sister, who has the exact same mutations as me and the exact same disease, CANNOT get this drug covered! 😡

Her and her team have been through multiple levels of appeals and today, after she had to find a senator to plea on her behalf, she found out that the insurance company WILL NOT cover this drug for her.

Her and her husband sacrifice everything normal; all the things we take for granted, and our government says she does not deserve a drug that would SAVE HER LIFE?!?!?

TRICARE please see my sister's life as worth keeping! Please show her the same respect and sacrifice that she has shown as a citizen and a Navy Wife.

Vertex PharmaceuticalsThank you for saving my life by creating this amazing drug! Please help save my sister's life as well!

I know this is not my normal tone or type of message, but this is a situation that I could NOT sit ideally by and watch.

Please help me spread my sister's story and help us SAVE HER LIFE too!



Cystic Fibrosis is a chronic, progressive and frequently fatal genetic disease for which there is no cure. This disease mainly affects the respiratory and digestive systems of children and young adults. Currently, the average age of a CF patient is 37 years.

“Even though we struggle and battle this disease daily, we are not giving up! We want to help raise money for CF patients by breathing love into this world!” - Samantha Reid

Please help spread the word and share Sam’s Facebook post:

Facebook: breathe love

Instagram breathelove_cf


We are also thrilled to partner with Breathe Love for our next box (4th of July!). This box truly celebrates the simple things in life that matter most...

Breathing Love Into This World & Our Freedom!

So, Let’s Celebrate Life, Every Little Breath We Take & Making Moments Together! ❤️🤍💙

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