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Girl Strong! 👊

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

“She is proof that you can walk through hell, and still be an angel.” r.h. Sin

Life is simple, it’s just not easy. We all are faced with challenges we don’t expect or plan. However, I firmly believe God will not give us more than we can handle and we have the power to overcome our most overwhelming obstacles and devastating defeats.

Believe me, I have been faced with some extremely humbling times with my health, my career, my relationships and my family. It certainly was not easy managing life and seeing the good during my struggling times.

However, I have learned through my hardships that we have the ability to empower ourselves and each other to rise up and overcome our challenges.

And, what truly fuels my soul more than anything is the empowerment of woman and teaching our girls to be strong...girl strong!

So, what does that mean?

It means being confident in who we are and rooting for those around us.

I am proud to admit, I am one of the most competitive people around. I love sports and athletics with all my heart and I want to WIN!

In fact, I absolutely love that our women’s national soccer team BEAT EVERYBODY and Alex Morgan (and teammates) now have a clothing line called BE (because they Beat Everybody)! It makes my heart happy every time I think about it.

However, competing with others doesn’t mean tearing each other down. It means it pushing one another to do better. It means fighting together. It means overcoming together. And, hopefully it results in winning together.

For me, that is what being a teammate and a human is all about: striving to be the best we can be for each other.

So, I want to celebrate all of those girl strong humans out there. You all are my heroes and I pray that we continue to empower each other to rise up, overcome, and celebrate life together!

Cheers to You!

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