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My husband said to me a few months ago: “I just don’t think I have it in me.”

He was mid-season of coaching 5th grade girls basketball. The man has coached our daughter and her friends since they’ve been in 3rd grade and it has been an absolute blast the last two seasons.

However, 5th grade has thrown us both for a loop and coaching these girls has been an entirely new experience.

To break it down for anyone who has not coached a 5th grade girl here are our Top 3 Insights from The Coach Gardon Playbook:

1. You never know what girl or team is going to show up. It could be a focused, ready to play, energized group of kids or it could be a bunch of blank stares coupled with a whole lot of dazed and confused looks as if they have never played the sport in their life.

2. There is non-stop talking. Most of the time we aren’t actually sure what they are talking about but we are pretty sure that at any given moment there are words coming out of their mouths.

3. The TikTocs are endless. It doesn’t matter the time or place you will see a TikToc movement gyrate from their bodies. It’s like a for-real tic and they really just can’t help themselves.

Yes, 5th grade girls sports has been quite challenging for my husband and although he has reconsidered many times throwing in the coaching towel, I know in my heart he will never give it up.

Why do I know this?

Because he is a #GIRLSDAD and I know that a #GIRLSDAD doesn’t ever give up as trying and unpredictable us girls can be.

A #GIRLSDAD does not miss a practice or a game. They define commitment.

A #GIRLSDAD pushes us to our fullest potential by demanding bigger, better, more.

A #GIRLSDAD knows the world we face and prepares us for anything. This happens when we out work everyone.

A #GIRLSDAD show ups, asks no questions, and gives unconditional love & support no matter the circumstance.

A #GIRLSDAD expects zero credit or recognition for anything that they do but simply hopes for a smile, a hug, and to feel a part of our life.

A #GIRLSDAD is our constant, our stability, our safe place, our rock, and our guiding light.

A #GIRLSDAD has our whole heart forever because we loved him first.

A #GIRLSDAD is our shining example of who to give our hearts to.

A #GIRLSDAD is everything.

💙 We are forever grateful for our #GIRLSDADS & especially those who get promoted to #GIRLSGRANDPAS...We Love You!!! 💙

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