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Just Show Up and Be Present: Better a Hot Mess Than Never.

Since the launch of The Celebrate Company, my good friend (now business partner) Lindsey and I have been on a whirlwind. We are completely overjoyed and grateful for the response we have received since we sold our 50 Valentine’s Day “I Love You to Pizzas“ boxes. However, behind the scenes we have been working our asses off. (Prior to the launch our concept wasn’t even officially complete!) It was quite an ambitious goal for us to create, assemble and produce 50 boxes in less than a week. But, we are both overachievers who refuse to give anything but our very best so come hell or high water those 50 boxes were getting delivered by Valentine’s Day!

And, although at times we can be perfectionists we certainly aren’t perfect. In fact, we are actually the complete opposite of perfection. We are in total survival mode. We struggle every single day attempting to raise 4 kids of our own; life is a constant shit show and we are the conductors of the hot mess express.

That being said, a huge passion of mine is to create a community within The Celebrate Company that embraces real-ness, honesty, flaws, imperfections and mistakes. Therefore, this blog is extremely important to me; it allows the opportunity to share my perspective openly, honestly and unapologetically in hopes that others find courage to embrace vulnerability.

Therefore, I get super excited to write my Celebrate Saturday posts. In fact, this is my favorite part of the job! And, this past week I had real good intentions of making my Saturday post creative, clever and extremely thought-out. I even had the framework of a cute “Game of Crazy 8’s” to introduce The Celebrate Company’s 8 kiddos. Lindsey and I have 8 kids combined: 5 Queens, a King, a Jack and an Ace! I even planned to design playing cards with pictures of the kids to add to the post. I sketched out directions, strategies and alternative ways to play The Celebrate Company’s Game of Crazy 8’s. But per my usual: life efffing happens and instead of finishing my vision of the blog post, every ounce of my energy was sucked dry attempting to manage kids, schedules, parties, activities, meals, carpools, coaching, pizza box deliveries and a husband out of town for work.

So, I decided that I am not going to fake some BS Crazy 8 Game post that makes it appear that The Celebrate Company has it all put together; instead I’m dedicating this Celebrate Saturday post with pictures and captions that embody our reality.

Because, let’s be media can be very deceiving and I’ve learned it’s not about being perfect or even pretending to be, it’s doing our damnedest to BE PRESENT and to SHOW UP in life...


So, here’s to embracing ourselves and others with all our beautiful imperfections and treating others with patience, kindness, compassion, understanding and love.

And, cheers to those who SHOW UP and BE PRESENT no matter how late, unprepared, or disastrous we are...

Because, making moments with our loved ones is all that really matters, even if they are imperfectly perfect!

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