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Local Acts Of Kindness

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.”

And, local acts of kindness go a very long way...

This occurred to me yesterday when I was pumping gas. It was early morning and I happened to be at the gas station across the street from my kids’ school and our Church.

I was definitely in the zone: Clorox wipes in one hand, hand sanitizer in the other, trying to refuel as quickly as possible.

As I ferociously wiped down everything I touched, I never even noticed that a tennis ball rolled out of my car. Before I knew it a mechanic-looking man was walking towards me with a friendly look, asking if this tennis ball belonged to me.

Now, he could have kicked, rolled or even chose to ignore the ball altogether but he walked over and handed me the ball in such a kind, genuine, caring way.

It really hit me when I realized that a few weeks ago someone picking up a ball and giving it back to me would be completely insignificant but yesterday this gesture was from a brave human who went above and beyond to make me feel a little more normal during these abnormal times.

I watched this man walk across the street and go into the mechanic shop right by our school. I’ve never taken our car to this local business before. But, I called there that morning to see if they did oil changes because our minivan happens to need one right now.

The man answered and said that they are still open with only two appointments today and one of them still hadn’t shown. I realized more than ever what it means to support local businesses and how his little act of kindness has gone further than he will ever know.

Not only has he gained a new customer, but he also showed me how just a one kind gesture can ignite a domino affect. I hope it inspires others to support local business because right now they need our support.

Thank you to Mr. Mechanic and to all those who support local businesses...

Local acts of kindness go a very long way!

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