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Magical Moments

”We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better.” - JK Rowling

Life may not always be magical but there are certainly moments that spark the magic within us...

This week I was reminded of that during our cousin’s drive by high school graduation. Our family was invited to join the celebration in a white stretch limo.

As we drove into the parking lot you could sense the excitement of the event. There were decorated cars, dogs in spirit wear, and dancing on pick up trucks! Yes, the atmosphere was certainly different but one thing remained the same: the graduates.

And, the graduates shined! They showed up in shirts and ties, cute summer dresses, and their caps and gowns. They kept their distance but their energy consumed the school. They gave passionate speeches and made unforgettable moments.

The faculty were also heroes that night. They filled the air with smiles, cheers, and joy as the graduates drove up the school entrance and walked the pavement to receive their diplomas.

The last hurrah was the final lap around the school as everyone waved goodbye to the end of an era.

It was an awesome night and a wonderful graduation. But most importantly for me, the magical moment came when I saw the twinkle in my girls’ eyes as they watched their cousin, whom they absolutely adore, participate in this monumental event.

Their innocent faces had no idea the difference between a drive by graduation or one that is done in an auditorium; that doesn’t matter. It was the pride, enthusiasm, and love for their cousin that sparkled all night. And, that is true magic...

It’s the power inside ourselves to imagine better and see the beauty in this world even in times that require us to be extra creative.

So, cheers to magical moments. May we see them, may we feel them, and may we celebrate them!

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