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Momlife’ing is Hard

“We can’t all look good at the same time. It’s either me, my kids, or the house.” - Anyone Who is a Mom

Momlife’ing is hard. And let’s be real...most days me, my kids, and for sure my house are NOT looking good. 🤦🏼‍♀️

But, I’ve learned that I’m ok with being a hot mess. In fact, not only have I embraced the chaos, I’ve actually learned to enjoy and laugh at the all madness that seems to come my way.

Yes, of course, I get upset, impatient, and some days even lose my mind when life is completely overwhelming.

But then I am reminded and inspired by all the mamas out there doing what you do, owning who you are, and just making it work to survive!

Like this past weekend...

I coached my daughter in a volleyball tournament and watched another mom coach with her husband while holding her newborn. The baby was passed out in her arms as she yelled from the bench, kids screamed, and whistles blew! So Good!

I also watched my other daughter’s soccer coach (who has a newborn) lead her team to victory while her husband consoled their melting down toddler on the sideline! Classic!

Oh yes, the joys of motherhood and the perseverance and determination it takes to #momlife.

We know momlife’ing is not easy, in fact, it’s eff’ing hard. But as I told my kids this weekend after we got our butt’s kicked in the tournament: it’s not always about the results, it’s the effort we put in and playing with a mindset to give our very best every time we take the floor!

So, yes I can make peace with the fact that my house is a complete mess, my minivan doesn’t turn on every few starts, my littles watch cartoons, my bigs eat Chick-Fil-A almost every night after practice, and I’m still 15 lbs heavier from the Covid shutdown last year.

But you know what?

I try hard every damn day and I give my absolute best effort to live a honest and authentic life. I am absolutely proud to #momlife and love this hot mess life I live.

So here’s to all the mamas out there who embrace the chaos and momhard just like me!

You all inspire me, support me, and give me the strength to keep going on the days when I just want to throw in the towel.

Thank You for All that You Do! You are Amazing and Our Next Box, The Mom Box, Celebrates You! 👊

Check It Out!

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Apr 25, 2021

Chick-fil-A rocks. When it’s all said and done your kiddos will remember the lessons u taught them. The stories you read them. The teams you coached. Keep Momming hard!! 😘

Elizabeth Angel Gardon
Elizabeth Angel Gardon
Apr 25, 2021
Replying to

I love you! ❤️❤️❤️


Apr 25, 2021

Girl! You are raising little humans to be kind, empathetic, loving. There will b plenty of time for a clean house! Let them climb up on ur lap for “just one more story”. Keep on coaching. Chik filet

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