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Mother’s Day 2020

This year is my 10 year Mother’s Day Anniversary. Yes, I’ve been doing the whole motherhood thing an entire decade!

And that quote speaks right to my heart...each day nothing changes but looking back everything is different.

For me, it’s the looking back that helps me appreciate the day to day. Of course being a mom is not all sunshine & rainbows: it’s exhausting, overwhelming, uncertain, emotional, worrisome, and often times defeating...

But then there are the moments that fill my heart with more joy & happiness than I could have ever imagined...

First Steps.

First Words.

Belly Laughs.

Silly Faces.

Raw Innocence.

Kisses Good Night.

Morning Snuggles.

Carefree Dancing.

Sweet Voice Singing.

Trying New Things.

Stepping Out of Comfort Zones.

Taking Chances.

Learning & Growing.

Unconditional Love & Protection.

Unbreakable Bonds.

Yes, being a mom is no joke. But to me, there is absolutely no better feeling than watching my kids bring kindness to others & love into this world. And, that makes the day to day oh so worth it!

So, cheers to all the mamas out there! Enjoy your special day - you deserve it!

May we get through the day to day...

Take some time to look back...

See the good in everything that is different...

And celebrate who we are & this beautiful crazy life we live!

Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

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