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My COVID-20 Rainbow

It is clear that right now in this world there are plenty of negative things to focus on...

For me lately, it has been my COVID-20 weight gain. Yes, I for real gained 20 lbs since schools shutdown in March.

This weight gain is especially frustrating because prior to the shutdown I was in a routine of going to the gym five days a week and after ten years of baby making I had just gotten my body back to its normal 150 lb weight.

So, when I stepped on the scale this past week and it flashed 172 lbs, I was extremely disappointed.

But you know what?

I didn’t freak out or even breakdown, instead I decided my mindset would be to fully embrace my curves, this time in our life, and focus on the beauty within the rainstorm.

As my mindset shifted, I began to see the rainbows within my life and believe it or not, last night I was out golfing with the hubby and a beautiful rainbow appeared right before us.

Not only was this an incredible sign, but it reminded me that the COVID-19 chaos has taught our family to step up together and find new ways to support one another.

In fact, our oldest two daughters have learned to babysit our two littles while mom and dad sneak out for an hour or two at night for a much needed break....truly this has led us to a rainbow.

While it is certainly easy to focus on the negativity this world brings, we have the ability to choose our mindset, see the good within our lives, and celebrate every moment we can!

So, cheers to seeing the beauty beyond the curves, the rainbows within the storms, and the people in this world that inspire us to live with gratitude, kindness, and love.

May we always choose to celebrate each other and life together!

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1 Comment

Jul 11, 2020

Oh my gosh.... Elizabeth, you and your heart and your true-ness speak to all. Your words bring calm and joy; and isn't that what rainbows do to our hearts? I am incredibly lucky and blessed to call you friend. And kiss Nick for asking you to be his wife. 💗❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 🌈🌈🌈🌈

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