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Pajama Days. Anxiety. And, COVID-19.

Pajama Day All Day? Sounds great, until we did that every day, all day for the past week and it’s definitely not all it’s cracked up to be.

My mommy group texts have been consumed with homework meltdowns, toddler disasters and reassurance that it’s ok to drink every night. And, it’s definitely not a problem if you start drinking at noon. I also just participated in my first virtual happy hour last night and let me tell was actually quite delightful!

But, sadly it appears that this will be the new normal for the foreseeable future. I will be the first to admit that I am absolutely no expert in life and especially someone who thinks I know what’s best to do in these difficult situations.

In fact, I am someone that has struggled immensely. At one point in my life, my mental health was completely destroyed. I suffered from losing my career, self-worth and identity. I felt completely isolated and unable to connect with others. I felt anxiety, depression, hopelessness and despair. Therefore, I am extremely empathetic to anyone experiencing similar feelings during this COVID-19 madness.

And, my heart goes out to all those affected by COVID-19. But, please know that my most trying times lead me to develop thick skin, true confidence and genuine contentment within myself and the life I choose to live.

So, please never, never, never give up. I know that even in our most darkest times there is hope we can prevail. And believe me, this coronavirus is causing us to deal with some real dark times!

Our mental health needs to be taken seriously during this COVID-19 crisis: a mental health illness is just as real as a COVID-19 illness.

It’s important that we are sensitive, aware and compassionate to the adverse mental health affects of COVID-19. I am very focused on how we as a family manage and cope with the additional anxiety, separation and drastic changes in our normal daily routines.

And, for me this is more of a concern. I already sense a shift of our mental health wellness within myself, family and community.

Of course, I want to lead the charge with a positive, glass-half-full, always seeing the sunny side of life attitude, but the reality is: when you take away or limit real face to face human interaction, completely change our normal routines and force us to live a life of isolation or at a minimum separation from others it really feels like we need to move mountains to remain unscathed by COVID-19.

And, I’m not referring to the fevers, coughs and sore throats. I’m talking about the real threat of anxiety, depression, numbness and sadness we most likely will experience until our normalcy resumes.

For me, having dealt with the severity of mental health issues I am much more fearful of staying balanced throughout this unknown period vs fighting off the coronavirus.

For any of you also coping with the emotions of anxiety this past week from adjusting to the new normal of homeschooling, working-from-home, virtual workouts, playdates, coffee dates and happy hours, plus the ever-changing COVID-19 updates just know you are not alone!!!

I truly hope that The Celebrate Saturday posts allow us to feel a part of a community that supports, loves, embraces one another and we are able to feel a real connection towards each other. Because, truly we are all in this together!!! 👊

Ps. here’s an extra bonus reading material on mental health and COVID-19. I found it super interesting!

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