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Well, it wasn’t quite the March Madness I imagined but that doesn’t mean we still can’t find ways to focus on the good...

This past Sunday my family delivered three March Madness Game Day boxes to a local senior living community. I can’t begin to explain how appreciative the greeter was when we dropped off the packages. Of course, we couldn’t go inside the building but the man talked to us in the doorway, thanked us, even interviewed us for their social media. My kids felt super special!

Then, as we were getting back into our minivan two seniors in the parking lot thanked us over and over and sent us big smiles and waves as we drove away.

It was in that moment when I realized that my dream of spreading love, fun and happiness is still possible even though the NCAA tournament has been canceled and everyone is just trying to survive this period of social distancing.

I realized that even in times like these, and actually especially in times like’s so important to make time to celebrate!

So, we decided to repurpose our GAME DAY celebration boxes and turn them care packages. We’ve added lots of fun activities for anyone and everyone who needs a little cheer and excitement while we wait out this storm to pass.

I feel super blessed that we have these boxes available to share and we hope to inspire others to PAY IT FORWARD!

We would love for others to buy a package and then send or deliver a FREE box to whoever they would like!

We want everyone to feel the joy we felt when we shared our GAME DAY care package with others!

Just let us know who you want us to send it to! A Loved One? Grandparent? Family? Friend?

Or maybe you want to drop it off yourself at a neighbor’s, nursing home or local charity!

Just mark it on the order notes and we are happy to help coordinate this for you!

Please join our mission to celebrate life even when it gets dark and together let us be the light!

Please use the coupon code :


And, let’s spread some joy, happiness and fun out into this world! 👊

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