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Shine Like Sable

For a long time I’ve been thinking of what I want to say in this blog post, but if I’m going to be completely honest I’ve had a really hard time finding the right words to communicate the array of emotions I feel when I write the words: Shine Like Sable.

Shine Like Sable is a very well-known organization for all of us in the Mason, OH community. It is a foundation established by the Gibson family to honor the memory of their daughter Sable Paige Gibson. The primary focus is on paying it forward with kindness, just like Sable so often did for her classmates.

Shine Like Sable touches my heart in a million different ways. My oldest daughter is the same age as Sable, our schools are in the same community, and our volleyball team during the season Sable passed will forever have an unbreakable bond. (I even blogged about it last year! 💕)

However, beyond those connections I truly believe God put the Gibson family in my life to help inspire me and my family to shine our light in this world.

The Shine Like Sable mission says:

“Do what makes your heart shine. These six simple words are a testament to the life Sable Gibson led while on this earth. In 10 short years, Sable did things that made her heart shine brighter than most people can do in their lifetime.”

Exactly one year ago, we started The Celebrate Company not exactly knowing what we would do, how it would go, or where it would take us.

However, we did embark on this passion project with the mission: to bring a little joy & happiness into this world and to inspire others to CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!

Shine Like Sable has been a constant reminder and motivator for our family to continue on The Celebrate Company journey and live out our truest life with gratitude, kindness, compassion and LOVE.

Therefore, we are completely honored to partner with the Shine Like Sable foundation for our upcoming Valentine’s Day boxes.

We absolutely LOVE celebrating LOVE and Shine Like Sable exemplifies the power of LOVE. From the LOVE of family, to the LOVE of community, to God’s GREAT LOVE...we are humbled to be a part of such an amazing organization! 💕

We can’t wait to celebrate ALL the LOVE Valentine’s Day brings on February 14th and honor the legacy of Sable Paige Gibson.

Cheers to the Gibson Family, the Shine Like Sable Foundation, and shining our light and LOVE into this world! 💕

For more information please check out:

$5 per Valentine’s Day box will be donated to the Shine Like Sable Foundation 💕

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19 de jan. de 2021

So good 😭💗

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