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Take Your Kids to Work Day

Take Your Kids to Work Day was totally a thing when I was growing up...

I actually still think it is, but now every day has become Take Your Kids to Work Day.

And, no matter what we do for a living our kids are seeing our life first hand: every. single. day.

I saw this on Facebook this past week and it really hit me hard:

It made me realize that us parents truly are the greatest influence in our children’s lives and we create their perspectives.

Work, life and family have become intertwined and I know more than ever my kids are watching me. They are seeing every ounce of my life and how I choose to spend my time.

Take Your Kid to Work Day is no longer just one day where I can impressed the heck out of them and show them the very best version of myself.

Nope. Every single day they are watching me. They are seeing the good, the bad and the ugly. And, even when I’ve lost all motivation and want more than anything to use a PTO day: I choose to show up, dig deep and do my very best to teach them about working hard and doing for others.

Because I know that no matter what we are molding their lives. What we choose to do with our time is the greatest example and biggest influence in what they choose to do with theirs.

I know it’s not easy dealing with the pressures of maintaining a homebound work-life balance but I do know our kiddos see our work, effort and dedication each day.

So, keep finding ways to show up and no matter what you will impress the heck out of them during these Take Your Kids to Work Days!

We got this! 👊

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1 Comment

Mar 28, 2020

Your words ring so true. Every adult WFH is not showing their best self; they are being their best self. Being impatient, rushing, swearing, and then doing a Zoom, editing a document, and being on 14 Team calls is happening w/pets and/or children in the background. It's just called the messiness of life. Girl, keep being your very authentic self.

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