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The Minivan Mom

Regardless of what vehicle she actually drives, we all know The Minivan Mom...

🖤 She drives kids sun up to sun down all around town: here, there, and everywhere oh the places she goes.

🖤 She is the queen of multitasking while driving and no she is not texting. However, she is managing fights, complaints and constant needs from her backseat passengers. She switches out movies, opens and throws back snacks, plays requested songs, answers phone calls, responds to “Mom, Mom, Mom”, manages interruptions, and consoles meltdowns all while operating the vehicle and listening to Siri’s directions to ensure that she actually gets to the right destination.

🖤 She attempts to keep her vehicle clean but knows the mess, junk and filth will never go away. It’s smashed Gold Fish, caked on Nutella, crusty ketchups, dirty socks, damaged Happy Meal toys, lost pacifiers, broken crayons, missing school papers, overdue library books, sticky suckers, empty Starbucks cups, smushed cake pops, random hairbrushes bows and ties, smelly uniforms, and an endless supply of sports equipment. And, it doesn’t even matter if the car is taken to the car wash because within seconds it’s completely destroyed.

🖤 She knows most days carseat naps are inevitable but wishes her littles could stay awake just a little bit longer so she can get them into their beds for she knows the minute she turns off her car, eyeballs will be awake for the rest of the day.

🖤 Drive thru’s are her best friend. Any restaurant that allows her passengers to remain in the vehicle, eat on the go, and get to where they need to be on time is truly a blessing. But the real miracle occurs when she finds one food establishment that everyone onboard agrees to and completely avoids the fights, arguments, and tears when deciding where to go. However, most days this is unavoidable which leads her to multiple drive-thru stops during her afternoon and evening journey driving to and from Timbuktu.

🖤 She relishes the small breaks in the day, when she gets to sit in a parking lot, play on her phone and soak in the silence as she waits for her passengers to arrive.

Yes. We all know The Minivan Mom. I am The Minivan Mom and I know there are lots of Minivan Moms out there. And, for us March truly is Madness. Between the change of the season, coordinating the new activities, attending all the springtime events, and knowing the end of the school year is just around the corner... it really is crazy town right now!

However, Lord help us if we actually find a minute between our minivan madness to sit down with our family and friends to watch a live March Madness game (or really any program!)...I hope we make a point to bust out the champagne and make every second of that precious time matter because that is truly a championship victory!

So, Cheers to The Minivan Moms! May We Love Them, May We Be Them & May We Celebrate Them! You All are My Heroes! 🥂

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