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Water Bills

“Moms...The Only People Who Know the True Meaning of 24/7” - #truth

Yesterday was one of those day #momlife days...

I woke up feeling pretty motivated in life...I took the kids to school and went straight over to my neighbor Kristen’s house to work on The Celebrate Company.

Side Note: Kristen is my very 1st Ohio friend. We met 8 years ago when our oldest daughters were besties in preschool. 2 years ago we became neighbors & now she is our Chief Creation Officer at the Celebrate Company!

It’s funny how God puts people in your life when you need them most and I thank the Good Lord Above for placing Kristen in my life.

Not only, has she been an absolute blessing to me and The Celebrate Company with her creative ability, detailed mentality, and passion to keep me motivated on the days when I’m straight struggling...

But she’s also a mom of 5 that understands the chaos, madness, and complete inability to plan for anything in life because you

So, yesterday after we got almost two hours of *work* (definition below) done I felt like a rockstar. And, when I left Kristen’s house, I was riding that productivity high!

But just when you feel like a real life productive human being, #momlife kicks you right back into reality.

And sure enough, the minute I got back to my house and turned on the faucet for a glass of water...BOOM #momlife hit me like a ton of water!

Yup, the damn utility company shut off our water because Lord knows I haven’t opened my mail in at least a month and we were 30 days past due. Apparently Warren County doesn’t mess around with a $63.96 that was due on 3/25/21.

They shut it down real fast. 🙄

You can probably guess my conversation with the reconnecting lady did NOT go so well.

But I just have to chalk it up to #momlife and that’s the way it goes...

So, today I want to celebrate anyone that struggles finding time to open that overflowing stack of mail or heaven forbid forgetting to pay their water bill.

I feel your pain and the struggle is real.

I also want to celebrate all the moms that do pay their water bills on time. I thank God every day for moms like Kristen who are more than willing to let me come shower at her house while I wait for my water to get turned back on. 🙌

Yes, cheers to ALL the moms out there!

#momlife is NO joke and some days we might even be without water...but we are never NOT without each other...and the love, support, and understanding will always get us through those “water bill” days.

You all are AMAZING and to celebrate this #momlife moment we are giving out a 10% off coupon for our Mom Box until May 1st!


Send a box to a mom who is #momlife’ing hard 24/7 and support us “water bill” moms.

We got this! 👊

*Work* = designing boxes, ordering supplies, following up with local businesses, organizing inventory, planning marketing & sales strategies, creating to-do lists while nursing a newborn, changing diapers, opening up snacks, answering never ending questions and concerns from our “team members” Caleb (7 month old), Alianna (2 years old), Brooks (2 years old), and Eva (4 years old).

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