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The Healing Journey

I look at this picture from 2013 and I know I am sick out of my mind. Most people would have had no idea that girl smiling, holding her precious little daughters, was barely functioning.

Yes, I faked it real good and pretended to most of the world that “I Got This.” But, I didn’t “Got This.” I was sick, really sick...and experiencing severe depths and complexities of mental illness.

For years, my body was filled with pain and my soul yearned for relief to feel like me again.

I agonized trying to figure out who that girl in that picture was and why I couldn’t feel like me.

No, I did not got this. In fact, I got to a point where I completely bottomed out. It was at that moment, I finally surrendered to God, and put my life in His hands. As I waved the white flag, I told Him to lead the way.

And, you know what? The Good Lord above answered my prayers and surrounded me with people to guide and take care of me...

Yup, He sent me some amazing heavenly angels here on earth to support, comfort, and help me through my healing journey.

These Godsent people carried me through my most darkest days and guided me to find God’s light within me.

I am forever grateful for these incredible individuals God placed in my life. These people truly saved me and continue to inspire me every single day.

I know each of our battles are different and no journey is the same. However, I truly believe God puts the exact people in our life when we need them most. And, together we can get through anything. We just gotta believe!

So, cheers to the healing journey! May we always be surrounded by God’s heavenly angels to guide us, comfort us, and shine God’s light within us! Together, We Got This! 🌻

***Our next boxes: You Got This! & Sunshine are dedicated those on life’s healing journey and all the caretakers, families, and friends who support us along the way!

Be Sure to Check Them Out @

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